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Business Owners              Independent Professionals            Professional Employees             Cosmetology Students

The BB&N Cosmetology Directory For Beauty Professionals

BB&N Beauty Professional Directory

Where you can List your Business Information for Free.

Where you can list your Professional Information for Free.

Where Graduating Students can advertise their newly acquired skills for free.

Every person that works as a Cosmetology Professional can enjoy BB&N Cosmetology Directory.
If your passionate about your skills, BB&N has made it more than worth your dollar to use BB&N Directory to display your talent.
Using BB&N To Advertise "You & Yours"

BB&N Cosmetology Directory offers:

A Personal Web Page for Beauty Salon Employees & Graduating Students

A Mini Website for Independent Beauty Pros

A Full Website for Beauty Salon Business Owners

It's fast and easy, you just supply the words and your pictures, we post it, and your done. You can request some customizations to the template of your choice for a few more dollars. 
On-Line Calendar & Reservation System

BB&N Cosmetology Directory, first of it's kind, is going above and beyond by bringing
Personal Convenience
to your finger tips.

Impress your customers with an convenient
"On--Line" Calendar, allowing them to select their preferred stylist/employee, select a day & time, press a button to submit a Reservation Request, which sends a email notification to you. 

You approve or deny the reservation request, it changes the colors on your calendar & sends a email notification of an approval automatically. 
Your Customers know when your available, and if our available when they want you.

Cosmetology Directory intent is to provide a single location for all in the Cosmetology Industry, a place where professionals can display their Business information, their independent professional information or display a one page electronic business card
We provide a form that pros can fill out that will add your information automatically, but, business owners have to contact us with your business info, so we can add your business listing... for free.

Accessing Free BB&N Barber Listings & Adding Your Professional Info

How To Add Your Professional Information:

Fill out the form, and your personal pro info will be added to the Pro Listings table.

Beauty Pro Listings Up Load Form

Graduating Beauty Pros, add your info  to the graduating students form

Graduating Beauty Professionals
Up Load Form

Adding Your Professional Information to the two forms simply allows you to advertise your name for free.
Business Owners may use these tables to search for possible employees.
Customers can use these tables to find their long lost special Beauty Professionals.
View Beauty Professional  Listing Tables

View Beauty Professional Listings Table

View Beauty Graduating Students Listings Table

View Beauty Professional Web Page Listings

The Beauty Professional Web Page is where Beauty Pros who have a Web Page or Mini Website, will find their name and a link to their Web Page or Mini Website.

We fully expect thousands of individual professionals, will have their own individual web page or mini website, so, get your order in soon, before there becomes a huge waiting list.
CBB&N Beauty Salon Free Listings:

View Beauty Salon Full Directory:

All Beauty Salons in the BB&N database display in one huge table, with all states and cities.
Search By States:
Selecting a state, and all Beauty Salons will display in that State only.

North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina
Georgia, Ohio

Search By Business Name:
Selecting a letter, will display Beauty Salons that have names starting with the letter you select, in all states. Pretty Cool Stuff


BB&N Cosmetology Directory will be a central access point for people in the cosmetology industry to search for businesses for employment, as well as provide a place where business owners can access information for recently graduated cosmetology students, and professionals, for employment opportunities. So, ensure that you add your pro info for future references.

BB&N Cosmetology Directory Website Templates


BB&N Cosmetology Directory offers Full Website Templates that allow Business Owners to advertise their Business Information on BB&N's Cosmetology Directory Website.
Business Owners, simply choose one of the templates that suits your visual taste, contact BB&N and we will guide you from there

BB&N Directory Full Website Templates

The Full Websites have between 4 & 6 pages to advertise your business stuff.
Remember, these templates are pre-designed to ensure that costs are very cheap.
We allow up to 5 pictures that can be added to specific locations on the pages, but, we can customize the pages if you desire.

BB&N Mini Website Templates are shortened versions of a full website, designed for the independent professional. Just Choose the one that you like, and contact BB&N.

BB&N Directory Min Website Templates

BB&N Directory Web Page Templates:

BB&N Web Page is designed just to allow all Beauty Pro Employees, Graduating Students or any cosmetology professional, to show their profession information with a Professional Electronic Business Card.
It's just a Personal Page For You!:-)

Personal Web Page Templates
BB&N Calendar & Reservation System (C&RS)

Beauty Salon Owners/
Independent Beauty Pros / Beauty Employees

BB&N Cosmetology Directory gives you or your business the C&RS System.
Adding the C&RS System to your BB&N Website, Mini Website or Web Page, is easy.  Test C&RS below.

BB&N C&RS Test Calendar

C&RS System makes submitting a reservation request very simple for your customers.  The Calendars are color coded, allowing all to know what's available, being requested, & taken
C&RS System also allows you to block dates and times, giving you full control of your daily schedule..

The BB&N Cosmetology Templates can be customized to meet your needs, so feel free in asking for your special wants.
We offer two "Ala Cart" pages which provide you the opportunity to add a complete Products Sales List or your Entire Prices for Services Page as well as a Portfolio Page to your complete website template, mini website template or your personal web page.  Take a look at our two "Ala Cart Items":     Prices & Services Page               Portfolio Page (your pics will replace these)

BB&N Cosmetology Price List & How To

          BB&N Cosmetology Directory Beauty Salon Free Business Listings:

Search By State:  NC  SC  VA GA  OH

Beauty Salons Business Listings 41 thru 80 of 4556
First Previous Next Last
Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon Address City State Zip Beauty Salon ID#
A Cut Above 5917 Cora St Charlotte NC b000119
A Cut Above Va Beach VA b000774
A Cut Above 23 NC 42 E Raleigh NC b001356
A Cut Above Hair Care 7419-113 Knightdale Blvd Knightdale NC b001357
A Cut Above Hair Care-Belinda Beaman 7419 Knightdale Blvd Knightdale NC b001364
A Cut Above Hair Salon 825 S Kerr Av Wilmington NC b001876
A Cut Above The Rest 312 Opal Ave Little River SC b002066
A Cut Of Class Lowe's Gateway Plaza Garner NC b001358
A Cutting IMage Hair Salon 1670 Hwy 17 Little River SC b002067
A Divas Touch 5309 E Independence Blvd Charlotte NC b000272
A Finishing Touch 2816 Trawick Rd Raleigh NC b001359
A Flair For Hair 1908 Bernard St Raleigh NC b001497
A G Personal Hair Care Studio 5250 Cumberland Way SW St Mt Atlanta GA b003133
A Great Finish 1307 King St Hampton VA b002488
A Head To Toe Day Retreat 3115 Wrightsville Av Wilmington NC b001962
A J's Beauty Unlimited 105 W Barbee St Zeb NC b001360
A Jordan Salon 1500 N Military Hwy Norfolk VA 23502 b000775
A Mode Salon 1700 Northside Dr NW Atlanta GA b004006
A Natural Buzz 616 Medlock Rd Decatur GA b003130
A New Beginning Barber & Style 3599 Mobile Hwy Montgomery AL b004881
A New U Beauty Salon 2601 Piney Green Rd Midway Park Jacksonville NC 28544 b000012
A Perfect Image Hair Studio 1029 W Mercury Blvd Hampton VA b002489
A Plus Hair Styling 1897 N Armistead Ave Hampton VA b002490
A Positive Image Hair Salon 3029 Capital Blvd Raleigh NC b001361
A sear Delite 2500 Old Monroe Rd Stallings NC b000121
A Sensational Look 11100 Monroe Rd Matthews NC b000120
A Sharp Image 3029 Naylor Rd SE Washington DC b004506
A Sharper Image Hair & Nail Salon 3804 Garden Av Wilmington NC b001877
A Shear Distinction 4516 Fountain Dr Wilmington NC b001878
A Shear Perfection 6512 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC b001382
A Step Above The Rest 3050 Stone Hogan Connector SW Atlanta GA b004345
A Step Ahead Wilmington NC b001879
A Style Of Elegance 4805 Cedar Av wilmington NC b001880
A Tip & Snip 318 W Franck St Richlands NC 28574 b000013
A To Z International Salon 3983 Lavista Rd Tucker GA b003190
A Total Experience Salon & Spa 1720 E 7th St Charlotte NC b000122
A Touch Fron Above Hail Salon 3200 Skidaway Rd Savannah GA b002805
A Touch Of Ambiance 1377 SE Maynard Rd Cary NC b001362
A Touch Of Elegance 5461 Wesleyan Dr Ste 106 Va Beach VA 23455 b000778
A Village Hair Shoppe 10218 Warwick Blvd Newport News VA b002491


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