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The 3 Tables below list all the Cosmetology Shops in BB&N Database for the State of GA.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

Barber Shop Listings #1
to 40 of 236
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Barber Shop ID# Barber Shop Name Barber Shop Address City State Telephone Number
bs000873 71 Barber Shop North 2845 Northeast Exprway Access rd NE Atlanta GA 404-634-0075
bs000689 A & L Barber & Beauty Salon 1548 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd Atlanta GA 404-758-9001
bs000690 A & M Barber Shop 338 McDaniel St SW Atlanta GA 404-525-9001
bs000688 A B & F Barbre Shop 4881 Jonesboro Rd F Pk Atlanta GA 404-608-1042
bs000686 A Cut Above Barber Salon 2467 Wesley Chapel Rd Decatur GA 770-987-0420
bs000687 A-Nu Era Barber Studio 2762 Candler Rd Decatur GA 404-244-1757
bs000694 Al's Barber And Style Shop 2333 Brennen Rd SE Atlanta GA 404-241-0391
bs000692 All About Hair 4273 Washington Rd E Pt Atlanta GA 404-761-0208
bs000693 Allen Of Atlanta 3490 Piedmont Rd NE Atanta GA 404-237-1521
bs000695 American Hair Fashions 1921 Austin Dr Decatur GA 404-288-2192
bs000696 American Haircuts 20 10th St NW Atlanta GA 404-407-3227
bs000697 Appointment Preferred Barber Shop 6125 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-843-9926
bs000698 Atlanta's Finest Barber Shop 5044 Old National Hwy C Pk Atlanta GA 404-768-2046
bs000699 Banks Barber & Style Shop 782 Kennedy St NW Atlanta GA 404-586-0294
bs000700 Barber Loft One Zero Nine 153 North Atl Atlanta GA 404-549-7120
bs000701 Barber Shop 124 N Avondale Rd Av Es Atlanta GA 404-294-9596
bs000702 Barber Shop Buckhead 71 520 Main St NE Atlanta GA 404-846-9121
bs000707 Barbers & Braids LLC 2005 Boggs Rd NW Dlth Duluth GA 404-921-1918
bs000708 Barbers Expo 2984 Panola Rd Lithonia GA 770-981-0314
bs000709 Barbershop 71 Lindbergh 520 Main St NE Atlanta GA 404-846-7012
bs000710 Barlow's Barbershop 2308 Benjamin E Mays Dr SW Atlanta GA 404-753-9209
bs000711 Bay Boy's Barbershop 1747 Columbia Dr Decatur GA 404-284-9893
bs000712 Beehive Hair Company 2747 Lavista Rd Decatur GA 404-633-4500
bs000713 Belvedere Barber & Style Shop 1209 Columbia Dr Decatur GA 404-284-9603
bs000714 Best Cut 3570 Memorial Dr Decatur GA 404-286-4002
bs000715 Best Cuts Barber Shop Atlanta GA 404-524-6979
bs000716 Big Boys Barber Shop 8100 Mall Pkwy Lithonia GA 678-526-1499
bs000717 Big League Barber Of Dunwoody 2482 Jett Ferry Rd Dunwoody GA 770-730-0022
bs000718 Biggs Barbershop 371 Boulevard SE Atlanta GA 404-524-4600
bs000719 Blacks Cut & Styles E Pt Atlanta GA 404-421-7608
bs000720 Bobby's Barber Shop 812 MLK Dr SW Atlanta GA 404-577-0570
bs000721 Brockett Square Barber Shop 3853 Lawrenceville Hwy Tucker GA 770-491-3083
bs000722 Buckhead AT Lewis For Hair 3277 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-231-2313
bs000723 Buckhead Barber Shop 3275 Rosweell Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-237-5746
bs000724 C Majesty 663 Main St Atlanta GA 404-286-4011
bs000725 Candler Plaza Barber Shop 2140 Candler Rd Decatur GA 404-286-4011
bs000726 Capital Cutz 1900 2nd Av Decatur GA 404-373-0932
bs000727 Cart's Beauty & Barber Styling Shop 5631 Convington Hwy Decatur GA 770-981-9194
bs000728 Charles Barber & Style Shop 4383 Hugh Howell Rd Tucker GA 770-938-9892
bs000729 Chateau De Ville 3665 MLK Dr NW Atlanta GA 404-691-9003

Beauty Salon Listings #1 to 40 of 1192
Next Last
Beauty Salon ID# Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon Address City State Telephone Number
b004126 1 Angel Hair Place 2009 Wesley Chapel Rd Decatur GA 404-289-5527
b003698 1st Class Barber & Beauty 506 Flat Shoals Av SE Atlanta GA 404-527-7198
b004416 360 Degrees Salon & Spa 486 Decatur St SE Atlanta GA 404-589-1113
b002961 40 Volume Salon 3307 Waters Av Savannah GA 912-352-0077
b002945 80 West Salon 1718 Hwy 80 E Bloomingdale GA 912-988-3188
b003132 A & E Hair Designers Inc 3330 Satellite Blvd NW Dith GA 770-622-4925
b003131 A and A Hair Designs Inc 2212 Godby Rd C Pk Atlanta GA 404-941-7179
b003133 A G Personal Hair Care Studio 5250 Cumberland Way SW St Mt Atlanta GA 404-914-3832
b004006 A Mode Salon 1700 Northside Dr NW Atlanta GA 404-351-5441
b003130 A Natural Buzz 616 Medlock Rd Decatur GA 404-315-0104
b004345 A Step Above The Rest 3050 Stone Hogan Connector SW Atlanta GA 404-346-1119
b003190 A To Z International Salon 3983 Lavista Rd Tucker GA 770-939-1202
b002805 A Touch Fron Above Hail Salon 3200 Skidaway Rd Savannah GA 912-344-4168
b002806 A Visible Difference Beauty Concepts 6815 Forest Park Dr Savannah GA 912-352-0200
b003134 Abbott's Hair Studio 5422 Covington Hwy Decatur GA 770-322-7645
b003135 Acts Of Valerie Salon 7990 Rockbridge Rd Lithonia GA 770-482-6500
b003136 Adel & Gary's Hair & Nail Salon 2718 Clairmont Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-248-8003
b003137 Adore Hair Studio 245 N Highland Av NE Atlanta GA 404-522-336
b003138 Advantageous Hair Studio 2916 Mountain Industrial Blvd Tucker GA 770-492-6109
b003139 Affordable Hair Fashion Beauty Salon 1703 Metropolitan Pkwy SW Atlanta GA 404-755-4219
b003142 Africa Hair Braiding 101 Peachtree St SW Atlanta GA 404-584-5339
b003143 African Braid & Beauty 1334 Moreland Av SE Atlanta GA 404-627-9006
b003144 African Braids 1775 Candler Rd Atlanta GA 404-534-0525
b003145 African Hair Braiding 4525 Glenwood Rd Decatur GA 404-289-0887
b003146 Afrodisiac Natural Hair & Wellness Spa 555 Whitehall St SW Atlanta GA 404-420-6552
b002807 Against All Odss Barber & Beauty 219 W 59th St Savannah GA 912-691-2935
b003147 Aicha African Hair Braiding 577 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW Atlanta GA 404-753-0668
b003148 Aicha Hair Braiding 5134 Old National Hwy C Pk Atlanta GA 404-761-7333
b003149 Aichi African Hair Braiding 2769 Bankhead Hwy NW Atlanta GA 404-799-6636
b003150 Al2gether Salon 290 Hilderbrand Dr NE Atlanta GA 404-255-5188
b002808 Alexandra's Salon 8408 Atwood St Savannah GA 912-925-6793
b003151 Alicia's Arch Complete 141 W Wieuca Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-941-9132
b003152 All About Hair Salon 934 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd SW Atlanta GA 404-755-0950
b003153 All About Kids Salon & Barber 1596 Cleveland Av E Pt Atlanta GA 404-968-4680
b003154 All In 1 House Of Beauty 4235 East Side Dr Decatur GA 404-284-3828
b003155 All Natural Hair Salon 4336 Covington Hwy Decatur GA 404-286-6444
b003156 Allen Newberry Salon 2973 Grandview Av NE Atlanta GA 404-231-1209
b002809 Allure Beauty Salon 7010 Skidaway Rd Savannah GA 912-353-9694
b003157 Allure Hair Studio 1533 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd SW Atlanta GA 404-753-0220
b003158 Alres Salon & Spa Atlanta GA 404-346-9996


Nail Salon  Listings #1 to 40 of 263
Next Last
Nail Salon ID# Nail Salon Name Nail Salon Address City State Telephone Number
ns001254 10 Ten 1401 E Highland Av NE Atlanta GA 404-815-6690
ns001002 A Class Act Nails 265 Mount Vernon Hwy NE Atlanta GA 404-845-0760
ns001003 A Lenox Nail & Skin Care Salon 2770 Lenox Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-237-7302
ns001004 A Plus Nails 6330 Lawrenceville Hw Nw Tucker GA 770-723-0890
ns001005 Ajet Boutique 913 Main St Stone Mountain GA 770-465-0332
ns001006 Alicia's Arch Complete 14 W Weiuca Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-257-1775
ns001008 Allen Dani 32 Pharr Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-231-0862
ns001011 Angel Nail 2140 Peachtree Rd NW Atlanta GA 404-351-9116
ns001013 Angel Nail 566 Ponce De Leon Ave Atlanta GA 404-876-0802
ns001014 Angel Nails 4715 Atlanta Rd SE Atlanta GA 404-794-6790
ns001009 Angle Nail Manicures & Pedicures 2741 Lavista Rd Decatur GA 404-929-0330
ns001015 At Nails & Spa 2088 Braircliff Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-633-4909
ns001016 ATL Nails 1400 Veterans Memoral Hwy SE Mableton GA 404-505-6669
ns001017 Beauty Nail Salon 589 Cascade Ave SW Atlanta GA 404-758-9394
ns001018 Best Nails 1173 S Hairston Rd Stone Mountain GA 404-292-1514
ns001019 Blooming Nails 1624 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW Atlanta GA 404-799-7330
ns001020 Buckhead Nail & Spa 3050 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-816-2115
ns001021 Buckhead Nail And Toe Spa 3210 Rswell Rd NW Atlanta Ga 404-869-8999
ns001023 C A Nails 3275 Snapfinger Rd Lithonia GA 770-808-4253
ns001022 C Nails & Spa 1270 Caroline St NE Atlanta GA 404-230-6255
ns001024 C T Nails 2879 East Point St E Panthersville GA 404-766-9444
ns001025 Candler Nails 1976 Candler Rd Decatur GA 404-288-2329
ns001026 Cascade Nails 3739 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-752-8289
ns001027 Chastain Nails 3739 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta GA 404-846-9847
ns001028 City Nails 65 Peachtree St SW Atlanta GA 404-688-1656
ns001029 Classy Nail 1825 Rockbridge Rd SW Atlanta GA 770-413-1886
ns001030 Cleopatra Nail Salon 2841 Greenbriar Pwy SW Atlanta GA 404-629-0038
ns001031 Cleopatra Nails 3630 Marketplace Blvd Panthersville GA 404-349-4762
ns001032 Creme De La Creme 1579 Monroe Dr NE Atlanta GA 404-347-9008
ns001033 Cure Nails & Body Bar 341 Nelson St SW Atlanta GA 404-521-2873
ns001034 DC's Nails N Beauty 1707 Church St Decatur GA 404-299-5666
ns001035 Dekalb Nails 3965 Rockbridge Rd Atlanta GA 404-294-0071
ns001036 Diamond Nail 5370 Stone Mountain Hwy SW Stone Mountain GA 770-498-6557
ns001037 Dj Nails 6038 Sandy Springs Cir NW Sandy Springs GA 404-303-0838
ns001038 Dori's Naiil 6038 Sandy Springs Cir NW Sandy Springs GA 404-303-0838
ns001039 Dream Nails 3914 N Druid Hills RD Decatur GA 404- 315-7520
ns001040 Dunwoody Nails 4522 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Dunwoody GA 404-315-7520
ns001041 Elegant Nails 3539 Chamblee Tucker Rd Chamblee GA 770-270-8856
ns001042 Elegant Nails 7875 Roswell RD Sandy Springs GA 770-395-9112
ns001043 Ellenwood Spa & Nail 3056 Anvill Block Rd Elwd GA 404-361-6688