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The 3 Tables below list all the shops in BB&N Database for the "G" Listings for the State of NC.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

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NC Barber Shop "G" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 27

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Barber Shop ID # Barber Shop Name Barber Shop address City State Barber Telephone #
bs000407 G & G Barber Shop 810 Rock Querry Rd Raleigh NC 919-838-8291
bs000015 G Q Barber Shop and Game Room 2219 Lejeune Blvd Jacksonville NC 910-353-1210
bs000083 Gary's Barber Shop 105 S Statesville Rd Hayesville NC 704-875-3795
bs000084 Gene's Master Cuts 222 E 3rd St Charlotte NC 704-372-0846
bs000408 Gentleman's Choice 5637 Creedmoor Rd Raleigh NC 919-510-5155
bs000409 Gentlemen's Choice Barber Shop 4632 CApital Blvd Raleigh NC 919-981-0240
bs000085 Gentlemen's Quarters YMCA Barbering & Hairstyling 400 E Morehead St Charlotte NC 704-338-2062
bs000086 Gillespie Barber and Stylist 2601 N Tryon St Charlotte NC 704-342-9919
bs000481 Glamour Barber Shop 702 1/2 Castle St Wilmington NC 910-763-7303
bs000410 Glen's Barber & Beauty Salon 233 E Main St Raleigh NC 919-553-8146
bs000087 Goodfellas Barbershop 4005-B Sunset Rd Charlotte NC 704-399-3299
bs000482 Graham's Barber Shop 510 Castle St Wilmington NC 910-362-0099
bs000089 Great Clips 16049 Johnston Rd Charlotte NC 704-752-1101
bs000088 Great Clips For Hair 9716 Rea Rd Charlotte NC 704-714-7822
bs000091 Great Clips For Hair 7845 Colony Rd Charlotte NC 704-544-0755
bs000092 Great Clips For Hair 9651 Brookdale Dr Charlotte NC 704-597-7371
bs000093 Great Clips For Hair 5110 Park Rd Charlotte NC 704-525-2300
bs000094 Great Clips For Hair 3429 Toringdon Way Charlotte NC 704-544-9594
bs000095 Great Clips For Hair 8640 University City Blvd Charlotte NC 704-594-6000
bs000411 Great Clips For Hair 4112 Pleasant Vally Rd Raleigh NC 919-881-9500

NC Beauty Salon "G" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 74

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Beauty Salon ID # Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon address City State Beauty Telephone #
b001929 G & K's Hair Studio 925 S 3rd St Wilmington NC 910-251-8089
b000324 Gail Reynolds Hair Salon Charlotte NC 704-365-0998
b001500 Galleria Salon 4721 Atlantic Av Raleigh NC 919-876-8989
b001501 Garcia Gail 214 Nottingham Dr Cary NC 919-467-7472
b001502 Garner Haircutters 879 W US 70 Hwy Garner NC 919-779-0610
b000325 Gary & Co Hair Styling 8301 Magnolia Estates Dr Hanesville NC 704-892-1933
b000326 Gary & Co Hair Styling 8301 Magnolia Estates Dr Hanesville NC 704-892-1933
b001503 Gel Salon 1061 Darrington Dr Cary NC 919-297-0111
b001504 Generation Hair Designs 2411 E Millbrook Rd Raleigh NC 919-876-2004
b001505 Genesis Salon Raleigh NC 919-954-1119
b001506 Genesis Salon 5161 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 919-782-2202
b001507 Geoffrey James Salon 10320 Durant Rd Raleigh NC 919-845-7359
b000327 Georgetown Day Spa 1213 Thomas Av Charlotte NC 704-335-0050
b000328 Georgy's Beauty Salon 2905 Eastway Dr Charlotte NC 704-568-8458
b001508 GG's Hair Styling 1765 W Williams St Apex NC 919-363-2651
b000329 Girlfriends & Co Salon 4830 Monreo Rd Charlotte NC 704-535-5500
b000330 Girlfriends & Company-Kathy Blevins 4830-A Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-536-7725
b001509 Glam Lounge 722 N West St Raleigh NC 919-832-0095
b001930 Glamour Beauty & Barber Shop 702 Castle St Wilmington NC 910-762-7488
b001510 Glenaire Hair Salon 200 W Cornwall Rd Cary NC 919-319-1993

NC Nail Salon "G" Business Listings number 1 to 12 of 12

Nail Salon ID # Nail Salon Name Nail Salon address City State Nail Telephone #
ns000086 Galaxy Nail & Spa 20124 West Catawba Av Cornelius NC 704-987-1887
ns000630 Gentle Nails 1735 Reed Rd Le Land NC 910-371-1662
ns000087 Georgtown Day Spa 1213 Thomas Av Charlotte NC 704-335-0050
ns000088 Golden Nails 2517 Westerly Hills Dr Charlotte NC 704-399-3010
ns000631 Golden Nails Inc 3500 Oleander Dr Wilmington NC 910-350-8895
ns000008 Gorgeous Nails 1030 Ryan Rd Cary NC
ns000511 Gorgeous Nails 1030 Ryan Rd Cary NC 919-468-3913
ns000632 Gossip Salon 5905 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC 910-794-9440
ns000512 Great Clips For Hair 6021 Poyner Village Pkwy Raleigh NC 919-790-9706
ns000089 Guaranteed Nail 2200 Beatties Ford Rd Charlotte NC 704-399-9662
ns000090 Guaranteed Naild 2923 Freedom Dr Charlotte NC 704-393-5188
ns000091 Guaranteed Nails 9616 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-847-3509