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The 3 Tables below list all the shops in BB&N Database for the "L" Listings for the State of NC.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

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NC Barber Shop "L" Business Listings number 1 to 4 of 4

Barber Shop ID # Barber Shop Name Barber Shop address City State Barber Telephone #
bs000119 LA Skina Barbershop & Beauty Salon 6823 South Blvd Charlotte NC 704-557-9300
bs000120 LaPorsha's Barber Shop 8825 E W T Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 704-568-3400
bs000019 Little's Barber Shop 409 W Railroad St Jacksonville NC 910-347-7177
bs000493 London Beauty & Barber Shop 402 Village Rd Leind NC 910-371-6106

NC Beauty Salon "L" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 49

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Beauty Salon ID # Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon address City State Beauty Telephone #
b001982 L E Designs 2245 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC 910-815-6768
b000458 L H Hair 5515 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-567-7700
b000459 La Das Salon and Spa 4414 E Independence Blvd Charlotte NC 704-567-8800
b001983 La Frontera 410 Village Rd Leland NC 910-371-9017
b001631 La Libra Salon 519 Parnell Dr Raleigh NC 919-231-7492
b001984 La Mirage 5003 Wrightsville Av Wilmington NC 910-395-4333
b001985 La Palmita Of Leland 410 Village Rd Leland NC 910-371-0117
b001634 La'Kim's Hair Salon 2 N Pettigrew St Raleigh NC 919-834-4766
b001632 Labelle Chateau Salon & Spa 7400 Seimens Rd Wendell NC 919-365-7516
b000460 Ladies & Gent Family Hair Styling 115 S Old Statesville Rd Charlotte NC 704-875-9482
b000461 Ladies Salon And Boutique 11915 N Tryon St Charlotte NC 704-717-3238
b001986 Lady's Hair Design 506-508 Castle St Wilmington NC 910-763-9394
b001633 Laila's Salon 1105 Walnut St Cary NC 919-462-1207
b001635 Lamoore 4030 Capital Blvd Raleigh NC 919-235-0049
b000553 Lanet 21 Arboretum Charlotte NC 704-543-1083
b000462 Lap Of Luxury 2436 N Sharon Amity Rd Charlotte NC 704-536-3017
b000463 LaRue Hair Place 8825 E W T Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 704-563-9456
b000464 Las Caronlinas No1 6132 N Tryon St Charlotte NC 704-599-8722
b000071 Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic Inc 5725 Oleander Dr Wilmington NC 910-791-7500
b000465 Laser Skin Care PLLC 129 N Poplar St Charlotte NC 704-374-0447

NC Nail Salon "L" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 57

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Nail Salon ID # Nail Salon Name Nail Salon address City State Nail Telephone #
ns000637 L & P Nails 3604 S College Dr Wilmington NC 910-799-8520
ns000107 L A Nails 9015 J M Keynes Dr Charlotte NC 704-548-9580
ns000635 L A Nails 6932 Market St Wilmington NC 910-791-9113
ns000636 L CN Nail & Spa 5920 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC 910-790-4999
ns000109 L N Nail 4005 Sunset Rd Charlotte NC 704-392-1770
ns000106 L Nails 9246 Albemarle Rd Charlotte NC 704-532-5787
ns000523 La Belle Nails 12279 Capital Blvd Raleigh NC 919-554-2122
ns000638 La Mer Nails & Spa 8254 Market St Wilmington NC 910-686-7171
ns000522 LA Nail 3901 Capital Blvd Raleigh NC 919-878-0685
ns000108 LA Nails 10900 University City Blvd Charlotte NC 704-549-1388
ns000110 La Nails 5863 Albermarle Rd Charlotte NC 704-531-0024
ns000113 La Nails 9623 E Independence Blvd Matthews NC 704-841-9236
ns000111 Lavender Spa And Nail Salon 8133 Ardrey Kell Rd Charlotte NC 704-708-5727
ns000112 Le Nails 7900 Stevens ill Rd Matthews NC 704-882-3290
ns000525 Le Nails 1105 Walnut St Cary NC 919-468-1298
ns000114 Lee Nail Salon 5627 Central Av Charlotte NC 704-566-0840
ns000115 Lee Nail Spa 7725 Regency Lake Dr Hanesville NC 704-896-6634
ns000116 Lee Nail Spa Wt-Worthington Charlotte NC 704-971-7194
ns000117 Lee Nails 3126 Milton Rd Charlotte NC 704-563-1888
ns000526 Lee Nails Spa 1105 Walnut St Cary NC 919-388-3888