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The 3 Tables below list all the shops in BB&N Database for the "R" Listings for the State of NC.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

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NC Barber Shop "R" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 20

Barber Shop ID # Barber Shop Name Barber Shop address City State Barber Telephone #
bs000149 Raeford's Barber Shop 206 S Main St Charlotte NC 704-892-8544
bs000150 Raeford's Barber Shop 19808 S Main St Cornelius NC 704-987-0444
bs000499 Ralph's Hair Styling 3908 Market St Wilmington NC 910-763-1224
bs000442 Rather Unique Barber Shop 1109-B Cross Link Rd Raleigh NC 919-828-2200
bs000443 Ray's Hair Shop 401 Fayetteville St Raleigh NC 919-832-4354
bs000444 Razor Sharp 331 Tyron Rd Raleigh NC 919-773-8525
bs000500 Redd's Barber Shop 1319 Castle St Wilmington NC 91-0-762-6138
bs000151 Reeves Barber Shop 2321 West Blvd Charlotte NC 704-372-3163
bs000152 Reflections Barber Shop 1419 Central Av Charlotte NC 704-632-9991
bs000153 Reggies Barber Shop Charlotte NC 704-332-8806
bs000154 Renee's Hari Styling 4926 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-567-9661
bs000445 Rich's Roffler Style Shop 138 E Chatham St Cary NC 919-467-9718
bs000028 Richlands Barber Shop 101 W Hargett St Richlands NC 910-324-3908
bs000447 Rodayo's Barber Spa Inc Raleigh NC 919-524-7408
bs000448 Roland's Barber Shop 141 W Main St Garner NC 919-661-4580
bs000449 Rolesville Barbershop 207 N Main St Raleigh NC 919-570-1191
bs000156 Ron's Barber & Styling Shop 3532 Wilkinson Blvd Charlotte NC 704-394-3442
bs000155 Ronnie & Russ Barber Shop 5802 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-567-9539
bs000157 Roosters Mens Grooming Center 14021 Conlan Cir Charlotte NC 704-542-0098
bs000158 Roosters Mens Grooming Center 4724 Sharon Rd Southpark Charlotte NC 704-557-9008

NC Beauty Salon "R" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 48

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Beauty Salon ID # Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon address City State Beauty Telephone #
b000562 Radiance Hair Studio 3608 Beatties Ford Rd Charlotte NC 704-393-7677
b001712 Radiance Salon & Day Spa 41 Glen rd Garner NC 919-772-0000
b001713 Radiant Image & Hair Salon 4428 Louisburgh Rd Raleigh NC 919-872-9192
b000563 Rafael's Salon 2028 E 7th St Charlotte NC 704-332-5760
b001714 Raffles 11971 US 70 Hwy W Clayton NC 919-553-9905
b002016 Ralph's Hairstyling 3908 Market St Wilmington NC 910-763-1224
b000564 Ramou's Beauty Supply & Hair Braiding 5009 Beatties Ford Rd Charlotte NC 704-392-5557
b001715 Raquel's Salon 421 Chapanoke Rd Raleigh NC 919-772-3388
b001716 Rave Revue 5630 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 919-866-0500
b001717 Rayven Hair Gallery Raleigh NC 919-518-2755
b001718 Rayven Hair Gallery 6512 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 919-847-0082
b002015 Rea's Beauty Hutt 714 S 11th St Wilmington NC 910-762-6342
b001719 Redflower Skin Salon 1100 Logger Ste D-101 Ct Raleigh NC 919-815-6314
b000565 Redheads Hair Studio 7850 E Stevens Mill Rd Stallings NC 704-882-2801
b001720 Ree Lomax At Park Place Profession Ctr 3382 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 919-782-2733
b000566 Reed's Beauty Salon 1423-1/2 W Trade St Charlotte NC 704-370-0048
b000082 Reflections By the Sea 112 Queens Creek Rd Swansboro NC 910-326-8657
b002017 Reflections Of U 5001 Lord Tennyson Rd Wilmington NC 910-799-0757
b000083 Regis Salon NC 910-353-3346
b001721 Regis Salon Cary Town Center Raleigh NC 919-463-7878

NC Nail Salon "R" Business Listings number 1 to 20 of 23

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Nail Salon ID # Nail Salon Name Nail Salon address City State Nail Telephone #
ns000203 R-Nails 4400 Potter Rd Stallings NC 704-821-9699
ns000200 Radiant Hair Design 2600 Central Av Charlotte NC 704-335-3722
ns000594 Raleigh Nails 6325 Falls Of Neuse Rd Raleigh NC 919-855-8444
ns000595 Red Nails 2883 Jones Franklin Rd Cary NC 919-854-0034
ns000596 Red Nails 3460 Ten Ten Rd Cary NC 919-362-1935
ns000597 Red Polish Nail Bar 1102 Grace Park Dr Morrisville NC 919-463-5195
ns000023 Regal Nails 561 Yopp Rd Jacksonville NC 910-353-7045
ns000201 Regal Nails 8180 S Tryon St Charlotte NC 704-587-7400
ns000598 Regal Nails 1725 New Hope Church Rd Raleigh NC 919-878-8832
ns000659 Regal Nails 5135 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC 910-395-5161
ns000660 Regal Nails 1112 New Pointe Blvd Leland NC 910-371-2200
ns000661 Regal Nails 5226 Sigmon rd Wilmington NC 910-792-0740
ns000599 Regal Nails Of Wake Forest 2114 S Main St NC 919-562-7650
ns000202 Renee's Hair Styling 4926 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 704-567-9661
ns000204 Romantic Nails Facial & Tan 10403 Park Rd Charlotte NC 704-543-0102
ns000600 Rose Naiils 2464 Walnut St Cary NC 919-816-0860
ns000205 Rose Nail 5606 E Independence Blvd Charlotte NC 704-537-8482
ns000024 Rose Nails 211-A Western Blvd Jacksonville NC 910-353-7045
ns000662 Rose Nails 1610 Market St Wilmington NC 910-399-2391
ns000601 Roxie's Tanning And Nails Salon 411 Athletic Club Blvd Raleigh NC 919-585-2606