A One Page FAQ

What Is BB&N?

BB&N is a new type of website, a first of it's kind.  A Website that caters to all aspects of the Cosmetology Industry.  There's something for every interest, Barber Shop Owners and their employees, Beauty Salon Owners and their employees, Nail Salon Owners and their employees, Cosmetology Schools and Students, and Independent Professions (Barbers, Beauticians & Nail Pros).  BB&N is bringing everyone under one umbrella, to include Cosmetology Schools, and even a professional listings that will be used as a employee resource pool.

What is BB&N's Goal?

BB&N's Goal is to serve "All" in the Cosmetology Industry, in "All" Countries. BB&N provides a central website for all cosmetology business owners, independent business professionals, cosmetology employees, cosmetology schools & cosmetology graduating students.  BB&N will include events and competitions, advertisements by cosmetology retailers, the entire gambit.

Who Owns BB&N?

BB&N is own, designed and developed by Batiste Technical Services LLC, you can visit BTEKS website at "www.bteks.com".  

How do I contact BTEKS to get started or ask questions or add comments?

You can contact BTEKS by clicking "here", add your information to the form, ask your questions, add your comments, request information and so on.  Click "BB&N" to return.

Who does BB&N Cater Too?

BB&N's focus is on the entirety of the cosmetology industry, any one and every entity that has anything to do with cosmetology.  If we haven't considered you or your business and your business is interested in being part of BB&N, contact BTEKS.

Why should I join BB&N?

BB&N offers a, one stop shop for all in the cosmetology industry, the first of it's kind website, which focuses on the cosmetology industry.  By opening one central website to all, BB&N is able to charge dirt cheap prices for all to display your professional information or run adds on your BB&N website.  BB&N is the only website that brings free professional business listings, free individual professional listings, full websites, mini websites, and a web page, to one central website, and no one else will offer a C&RS System that will ensure that your customers have a convenient system of scheduling appointments.  You and your business will benifit from being part of a family of cosmetology professionals and your customers will reap the rewards of your providing a system that allows them the convienince of scheduling based on their schedule and not the businesses schedule.   BB&N IS A WIN FOR YOU AND A WIN FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.

What does BB&N Offer?

BB&N Offers Full Website's, Mini Website's, Single Web Pages & A Calendar & Reservation Sytem.  BB&N offers Free Business Listings & Free Professional Listings and and Free Graduating Cosmetology listings, which  makes BB&N the "one stop shop" for the cosmetology industry".  BB&N's Calendar & Reservation System (C&RS) can be uses by any Business Owner or Professional, who want to offer his or her customers, a on-line scheduling system.  The C&RS system is also offered to Dental Offices, Message Therapist, and other business who may need a C&RS system for their business.

What are the benefits for cosmetology schools if they partner with BB&N?

Cosmetology Schools & BB&N can provide the first layer of professional interface for all graduating cosmetology students.  By partnering up to provide graduating students with a graduating web page, as well as adding their names to the graduating students list, we place each student on the road to their professional future.   Additionally, the graduating student listing page will be utilized by all business owners as a resource pool for new employees.  Cosmetology Schools can support BB&N by adding the newbies to the BB&N graduating student database (here), ensuring that all business owners have on-line access to the new graduating students.     Its A win win for all.

How do Cosmetology Schools partner up with BB&N?

All Cosmetology Schools can contact BTEKS (here)  or send BTEKS a email at "batiste.f@bteks.com".  BTEKS would love to speak with you in a joint effort to help all the students.

How do I get my Business listed on the free listings table?

Send BTEKS your Business information via the contact information form (here), BTEKS will add your business to the free business listings tables, but make sure that your info is accurate.

How do I get my Professional Information added to the Pros table?

You can add your information to the Pros Table by using the up load form "here for Barbers" "here for Beauticians", "here for Nail Pros", or you can send you information to BTEKS via the contact form "here"

How do I get a Web Page?

Any Professional, Employee, Graduating Student or any person wanting to add a individual Web Page to BB&N, contact BB&N via the contact form "here", let BTEKS know which page type you selected and we will go from there. 

How do I add my name and info to the Cosmetology Graduating Students List?

BB&N provides a on line form that you fill out, the information that you provide will be uploaded and certain information will automatically display on the Cosmetology Graduating Students List, click "here" to view form.  

What is considered a Full Website?

BB&N Full Websites are Websites that offers between 4 to 6 web pages, linked together, giving a business owner or a professional 4 to 6 pages to fully describe their business, it's location, the type of services offered and prices for services offered. 

What is considered a Mini Website?

BB&N Mini Websites are Websites with 2 to 3 pages linked together, allowing a business owner or a professional to describe their business information, their individual information, their prices and services offered and their physical location.

What is a Web Page and who can get one?

BB&N Web Page is a one web page that allows anyone to add any information regarding who they are, and perhaps some additional information about his or herself, such as providing Graduation Information, name and contact information.  Anyone can have a page. 

Are the prices for monthly?

BB&N Website & Web Page Prices are yearly prices, in which, you pay for your website at the sales price, then you pay our dirt cheap maintenance fees once a year. 

How do I get a Full Website for my business?

To get a BB&N Full Website, simply contact BB&N "here",  tell us you what your interested in and, we will guide you from there. 

How do I get a Web Page for myself?

To get a BB&N Web Page, simply contact BB&N "here",  and tell us you which web page you want and, we will guide you from there.

What is the Calendar & Reservation System (C&RS)?

BB&N's Calendar & Reservation System is a cool, on -line, reservation request system, that allows your customers to view your on-line calendar, choose a specific employee or the shop, choose a date, choose a time, add their information and email address, click submit, and the business owner gets an email from the customer, requesting a reservation for a specific date and time.  The Business Owner, then approves or disapproves the reservation request, which sends an automatic response to the customer's email acct, with the approval or denial information.  The BB&N C&RS System will bring your business to the next level of technology and convenience. 

Who can get a Calendar & Reservation System?

BB&N Offers it's C&RS to any business owner, Independent professional because we realize that having a reservation system will organize your daily schedule, add value to your business and provide convenience to customers of all types. 

Who will teach me how to use the Calendar & Reservation System?

BB&N will provide anyone who has the C&RS System with written instructions, and we will provide you a contact number to call to walk you through it all the first time that you use the system as well as provide continued support as you become more and more comfortable with your C&RS system.

How do I Advertise my Business with BB&N?

BB&N will support all that have a BB&N Website or Web Page, by helping you run adds on your individual website or web page.  For Businesses that want to advertise their business on the BB&N Website, contact BB&N "here", we will set up a date and time to discuss how you can add your advertisements on BB&N.

How can I advertise upcoming Cosmetology Events on BB&N’s Website?

For Businesses that have a BB&N Website, Mini Website or Web Page, who want to advertise their individual shop events, contact BB&N, we will support your needs in posting your adds.  For Businesses interested in adding adds to BB&N, contact us "here", we will make arrangements to speak with you and your idea.