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The 3 Tables below list all the shops "J" listings in BB&N Database for the State of VA.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

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VA Barber Shop "J" Business Listings #1 to #5 of 5
Barber Shop ID # Barber Shop Name Barber Shop address City State Barber Telephone #
bs000648 J-Cuts 843 35th St Newport News VA 757-380-0330
bs000282 Jacks Barber 8465 Chesapeake Blvd Norfolk VA 757-588-7285
bs000649 Jeff's Barber Shop 311 Buckroe Av Hampton VA 757-850-5585
bs000600 Jenkins Barber Shop 1016 Wilson Rd Norfolk VA 757-545-9627
bs000283 John's Barber Shop 132 London Bridge Shopping Ctr Va Beach VA 757-463-9877

VA Beauty Salon "J" Business Listings #1 to #15 of 15

Beauty Salon ID # Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon address City State Beauty Telephone #
b001072 J FHair Design 118 Hilltop North Shopping Ctr Va Beach VA 757-248-8005
b001075 Jake Place 222 W 21st St Norfolk VA 757-605-5253
b001076 Jazz Affair 3906 Granby St Norfolk VA 757-623-5155
b001077 Jazzy Hair & Nails 6662 E Va Beach Blvd Norfolk VA 757-455-8683
b002624 Jazzy Styles 1307 Roanoke Ave Newport News VA 757-246-0677
b001073 JKV Hair Co 846 Providence Rd Chesapeake VA 757-424-1818
b001074 JMS Beauty Supply 4815 Va Beach Blvd Va Beach VA 757-463-4855
b001078 Joann's House Of Hair Beauty Salon Norfolk VA 757-934-0615
b001079 Josef's Hair Salon 328 N Great Neck Rd Va Beach VA 757-431-2100
b002625 Joy Beauty Supply 3305 W Mercury Blvd Hampton VA 757-827-1000
b002628 Jus' Kut "N" Up 33 Courtney Av Newport News VA 757-877-6907
b002622 Just 4 U 1122 Big Bethel Rd Hampton VA 757-224-1151
b002626 Just Brades Full Service Salon 5107 Mercury Blvd Hampton VA 757-827-3282
b002627 Just For You Hair Salon 2505 W Mercury Blvd Hampton VA 757-224-0909
b001080 Just Noble 1027 N Military Hwy Norfolk VA 757-455-6733

VA Nail Salon "J" Business Listings #1 to #2 of 2

Nail Salon ID # Nail Salon Name Nail Salon address City State Nail Telephone #
ns000299 Jenny Nails 2901 Cedar Rd Chesapeake VA 757-558-9700
ns000427 Jenny's Nails 977 Providence Square S C Va Beach VA 757-495-0666