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The Below Listings are Barber Professionals who have added their information into the BB&N database. If you are a Barber and you want to add your information to the BB&N database, click here. These listings are on display for you and your fellow professionals to view for free, additionally, adding your information to this table will also make your information available for business owners to access when they are searching for possible employees. 

Barber Shop Owners who may be interested in hiring a Profession Barbers for your salon, more detail information, including contact information about the list of Pro's can be provided to you at your request. Contact BTEKS at ""

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First Name Last Name City State Date Hired License Number Picture
Barnypok Barnypok New York NY 0000-00-00 10059
Kemuel Bennett Jacksonville NC 2008-01-01 B14993
William Broom Charlotte NC 1999-01-28 *
Jermaine Chester Jacksonville NC 1999-01-28 *
Eric Davis Yorktonw VA 1999-01-28 *
Algie Howell III Norfolk VA 1999-01-28 *
JimmiXS JimmiXS New York NY 0000-00-00 64245
Christopher Jones Jacksonville NC 1999-01-28 0000000000
B. Moore Jacksonville NC 000000
Dannie Raynor Jacksonville NC 1999-01-28 19999
Ruben Mendez Ruben Mendez Maine United States 1999-01-28 *