BB&N Cosmetology Barber Shop Professional Listings Form

All Professional Barbers, please enter your information on the below form.  This form will enter your information into the Professional Barber Shop Listings Page, so be as accurate as you possibly can. 

Help Notes: * means "Mandatory"/ Red describes how to enter information/ Delete the stuff in the boxes before you enter your info
Dates & Numbers that are already in place displays the format that is required to enter your info/ Pictures can not be submitted, send them to BTEKS, and they will be added to your info


Barber Shop ID# Shop ID is located on Barber Shops Main Page
Your First Name Mandatory
Your Last Name Mandatory
Your Middle Initial Optional
Your Mailing Address Mandatory
City Mandatory
State Mandatory
Zip Mandatory
Telephone Number Optional, but suggested to allow easy contacting
Cell Number Optional, but suggested to allow easy contacting
Hire Date Optional,
Your Birth Date Mandatory
License Number Mandatory
Email Address Optional, but suggested to allow easy contacting
Describe Yourself
250 character limit - Brief description of yourself
Your Cut History
250 characters limit - Brief description of your past cutting skills
Pictures can't be uploaded with the form, so Please send all pictures to BTEKS @ "". Your Professional information will be accompanied with your picture, so in order to avoid having a blank space where your picture should be, forward your picture to BTEKS.