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The Barber With the
Big Clippers

I believe N providing a quality cut for your dollar.  My expertise range from young to old, from black to white, from human to animals, from earthlings to aliens.  If it has hair on it, I can fade it, if it has hair on it, I can trim it, if it has hair on it, I got the clippers for it.
            These are the times that try men's souls. The Economy
             is in shambles as a result of a well designed democracy
               that is run by two parties that prey on the ignorance of
                   it's citizens. So, how does a man or a  woman, find
                                       peace in a world of today,,,, They get
                                         a nice Hair Cut, because, there                                                ain' t nothing that makes  a person
                                             feel as sharp as a quality
                                             Hair Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's My pleasure to Serve You.