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Independent Barber Professionals

Kemuel Bennett
Master Barber/Stylist
I Aim To Please


Business Location
        Kemuel Bennett
Cutting @ Darryl's Barber Shop
931 N Marine Blvd Hwy 17 S
Jacksonville, NC, 28546


shortyI believe N providing a quality cut for your dollar.  My expertise range from young to old, from black to white, from human to animals, from earthlings to aliens.  If it has hair on it, I can fade it, if it has hair on it, I can trim it, if it has hair on it, I got the clippers for it.

The Barber With the Big Clippers

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         The Prices and the Styles:                          

  Master Barber/Stylist

I have 9 years of experience in the art of "styling hair", and in the city of Jacksonville, where I service a lot of Marines, I've added the perfection of the "Military Style Hair Cut" to my civilian Hair Styling expertise..  Darryl's Barber Shop offers a quaint and friendly environment, providing services for the Jacksonville area for more than 10 years.  Stop By, your welcome to sit a while and enjoy our atmosphere.
~Have a seat in my chair and let me earn my dollar~

Contact Batiste Technical Services LLC if you have any questions 
  P.O. Box 1418, Jacksonville, NC 28540-1418                   Mobile: 910-340-7744              Desk: 910-353-5931