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The 3 Tables below list all the shops in the BB&N Database for Cosmetology Businesses that start with the letter X.  The Tables will tell you what type of business the table lists, how many listings are in the database for that type of business, what number of listings are being displayed out of the total number of listings for that business type.  You can select the "next, last, previous and last words which will display the request based on what you select.  Enjoy.

Selecting a letter below will link you to a table that displays all Barber Shops with a name that starts with the letter you select


Barber Shop Business Listings # 1 to #1 of 1

Barber Shop ID # Barber Shop Name Barber Shop address City State Barber Telephone #
bs000376 Xculsive Family Barber Shop 3520 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk VA 757-583-0300

Beauty Salon Business Listings # 1 to #10 of 10

Beauty Salon ID # Beauty Salon Name Beauty Salon address City State Beauty Telephone #
b002793 X-Alona Full Service Salon 5834 Jefferson Av VA 757-244-5062
b000761 X-S Hair 2921 Providence Rd Charlotte NC 704-442-7151
b000762 X-S Hair 11508 Providence Rd Charlotte NC 704-845-9797
b000760 Xcentric's Salon 1901 Straford Av Charlotte NC 704-333-8186
b001350 Xclusive Hair Design 3520 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk VA 757-480-8600
b002064 Xclusive Hair Design 324 Village Rd Leland NC 910-399-6737
b001351 Xtreme Hair Salon 665 Newtown Rd Va Beach VA 757-625-4247
b001349 XTreme Salon 850 Church St Norfolk VA 757-313-9043
b001352 Xtreme Salon 5034 E Princess Anne Rd Norfolk VA 757-855-0435
b004876 XYZ Salon 1807 Florida Av Washington DC 703-986-0707

Nail Salon Business Listings #1 to #4 of 4

Nail Salon ID # Nail Salon Name Nail Salon address City State Nail Telephone #
ns001343 Xiu Xiu Nail Spa 4000 Wisconsin Av NW Washington DC 703-362-1885
ns001349 Xiu Xiu Nail Spa 4000 Wisconsin Av NW Washington DC 703-362-1885
ns000998 Xtremly Xclusive Nails 66 Colony Rd Newport News VA 757-283-8950
ns000424 Xzotic Nails 3584 N Military Hwy Norfolk VA 757-858-8228