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The Cosmetology Professional

Kareen Johnson
future Master Stylist
I Aim To Please

Cosmetology Professional

Kareen Johnson

Cutting @ Darryl's Barber Shop
931 N Marine Blvd Hwy 17 S
Jacksonville, NC, 28546


shortyThe Barber With the Big Clippers is what they will call me!

It will be my future goal to provide a quality cut for your dollar.  My expertise will grow to range from young to old, from black to white, from human to animals, from earthlings to aliens.  If it has hair on it, I will fade it, if it has hair on it, I will trim it, if it has hair on it, I will get the clippers for it.

Cosmetology Professionals Services

Hair, Nails, Old, Young
Mail, Female, Boy, Girl






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